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Different fee structures for different legal needs

We take a modern and enlightened approach towards charging for the work we do. Instead of applying the time-cost method of billing to all matters, we offer different fee structures for different types of engagements, depending on the nature, scope and complexity of the work you task us with.

Consultation fee

A flat, one-time fee for a one-off consultation session with us. The fee takes into account preparatory work done in reviewing documents or the law before the consultation, and also the consultation session itself proper. We may waive our consultation fee if you formally engage us within one week of the consultation session.


We charge for total time spent on a matter, based on our prevailing hourly rates. Time-cost billing is usually adopted in contentious matters (e.g. disputes and lawsuits), where the extent and nature of the proceedings cannot be determined with precision at the outset. When we charge based on time, we will make sure to work as efficiently as possible. We are also committed to resolving your legal issues in the quickest and fairest way possible.

Reduced fee (low bono)

If you come to us with a legitimate legal concern but are unable to pay our full rates because of financial constraints, we may offer you a reduced-fee arrangement with certain conditions attached. This may take the form of a discounted flat fee, a lower fee cap, or reduced hourly rates. We offer low-bono fee arrangements only to individual clients and non-profit entities. Our client-intake team may require you to provide proof of your financial circumstances before extending low-bono fee arrangements to you.

Fixed fee

A flat fee for all work done until the matter is complete, regardless of how much time is spent. We usually offer fixed fees for general corporate work such as reviewing/drafting contracts and agreements, giving advice on discrete legal questions, or for straightforward court applications such a routine divorce and probate matters.  

Fee cap

Where possible and appropriate, we may offer a cap on our time costs. This means that we will bill on a time-cost basis, but once the bill hits a ceiling, we will not charge beyond that ceiling.

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