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We're always on the lookout for like-minded professionals and support staff to join our growing practice. We believe that how much of a mark a law practice can make is entirely dependent on the passion, grit, and vision of the people that make it up. If, like us, you want to pursue excellence while staying grounded, humble, and approachable, drop us a line. 

We are currently accepting applications for the following positions.

Image by Iryna Tysiak

Part-time legal secretary

We are looking for a part-time legal secretary to join our dynamic team.  With the help of legal technology, the successful candidate will contribute to our firm in the following ways:

  • Perform filing of correspondence and documentation for ongoing matters in an electronic database. 

  • Use and manage eLitigation.

  • Keep track of key dates and milestones, and work with the lawyers in planning their schedules.

  • Play an important part in the firm’s finances by consolidating timesheets, preparing invoices and expense claims, tracking bill payments and ensuring that bills are paid punctually. 

Because we are a small and tight-knit firm, every member of our team counts. When we hire, we do so as we would in welcoming a family member. We have in place a competitive remuneration structure and a candid work culture. In return, we would like our candidates to possess these qualities:

  • Be familiar with computers and the Internet, including the eLitigation system.

  • Willing to embrace technology, and be adaptable to changes in work processes. 

  • Some experience in legal secretarial and administrative work, preferably in litigation and arbitration.

  • While guidance and support will be given, we value a candidate who is able to work both in a team, as well as independently and with minimal supervision.

  • Initiative, willingness to learn and improve, and a cheerful disposition. 

If you are interested to be part of our forward-looking practice, please send your resume (stating both last-drawn and expected salary) to We will invite shortlisted candidates for a chat with our team.

Image by Clarisse Meyer

Legal trainee (Practice Trainee or Relevant Legal Trainee)

We're looking for a legal trainee. But first - a heads up: our firm isn't for everyone.

If you're content just working out of a physical office, poring over heaps of paper, faxing/mailing stuff, attending all-day meetings, or being told what to do when, then we ain't for you.

If, however, the world is your "office", and you're at the top of your game working both in a team and independently; if you believe that technology can change the law, and you work best without papers, on the Cloud, over Zoom, and on Slack. Then yes, we might be on to something.

We're on the hunt for a legal trainee, who'll work closely with our lawyers in predominantly contentious matters. The practice will include a mix of civil and commercial disputes, but will, at times, lean toward aspects of Internet and social-media law. Private-client work in criminal defence and matrimonial matters may surface periodically, as will general corporate and advisory work.

We're a small firm, but being small allows us to be unconventional in all the good ways. With us, you'll find no stuffy office or clunky files. We're big on tech: we work on documents off the Cloud, harness apps that connect us to colleagues and clients without needing to meet, and use platforms that keep administrative tasks seamless. Team huddles can mean jumping onto a Zoom or WhatsApp call, while your next brilliant legal argument or research finding might be shared and debated over Slack.

At the same time, we stand by traditional values that keep a law practice grounded, efficient, and reliable. We treat our clients and opponents with respect, uphold the integrity of the law, and represent those whom we serve with tenacity, and without fear or favour. 

We want our team members to share our dream of building a forward-looking firm. Our ideal colleague should be comfortable working in a boutique practice (which means no big-law swank and glamour). The trainee should also be eager to learn, grow, and be immersed in all aspects of the firm's activities.  Above all, we'll value someone who's sharp, diligent, personable, eager to learn, and who'll inspire trust and confidence from clients, colleagues, and peers alike.

In return, we'll do our utmost to offer a varied job experience, coaching, networking opportunities, and what we think is a very friendly work environment.

The bar is high, but excellence accepts no compromise! If you like what you've been reading, and have no qualms working with a small (but very specialised and niched) firm, we'd love to hear from you. 

Drop us an email at and some samples of your best drafting/writing. Do also tell us, in your email and in less than 300 words, why you think we'll be a good match for each other. We look forward to hearing from you. 


Legal content creator

One of our fundamental beliefs as a law firm is in promoting access to justice. We believe that the spirit of fairness and justice underlying our laws is best achieved if legal knowledge is made accessible to everyone. At the same time, we understand that the law may be complex at times. Which is why we are doing our part to create legal content that is easily read and understood, and can be used by the community as a starting point should they ever require legal support.

We would like our ideal candidate to bring along the following skills and qualities

To help us in this endeavour, we are looking for a Legal Content Creator, whose main role will be to write articles on areas of the law that are of frequent concern to the community.

  • Completed or pursuing a formal education in the law or legal studies (e.g. a law degree or diploma).

  • Have excellent writing skills, in particular, an ability to "translate" legal language into content that is layperson-friendly.

  • Able to conduct independent research on the law.

  • Aware of current affairs and social issues that are currently "trending" or being debated.

  • Creative, with the ability to spot legal issues that arise out of current affairs and social discourse, and to then pitch and propose relevant content.

  • Independent, driven, and able to work with minimal supervision.

  • Experience in copywriting, business development, or editorial work is a bonus, but not required.


If you think you fit the bill, we would be happy to hear from you. We are open to accepting applications for different work arrangements, including full-time, part-time, or freelance.

We ask that you send us the following as part of your application to

  • Resume

  • A short cover note telling us why you are a right fit for the job.

  • Two writing samples that you are most proud of, and you think might fit the type of content we are looking to produce.

Image by Iryna Tysiak

Legal intern

We're looking for interns who bring with them the following qualities:

  • Be in their final or penultimate year of law school.

  • Possess a genuine interest in at least some of the work areas covered by our firm.

  • Diligent, eager to learn, with a zest for life and the law.​

  • Able to commit at least four continuous weeks to an internship in any period of the year except December.


In return, we promise you an internship where you'll be able to sink your teeth into actual legal work (not just photocopying, binding, churning coffee, and doing endless research). You'll attend hearings and client meetings with us, toll along us when the going gets tough, and, of course, join us for that occasional celebratory beer. 

If you're interested to intern with us, send your resume, university results (to date), and a short cover email to

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