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Dispute Resoluton

Dispute Resolution

Formidable advocates or peacemakers? You can have us both ways.

Apart from Internet law, our other core competency is in dispute resolution. While we are tenacious courtroom brawlers (and clients generally want us to be so), we understand that, in resolving disputes, it’s the outcome that matters and not the fight. Some disagreements can be settled without lengthy courtroom battles, for example, through mediation, good-faith negotiations, or measured compromise. Furthermore, some disputes may not withstand the public glare of a court case because of confidentiality, reputational, or even emotional considerations.


If there are better and more calibrated ways to resolving a dispute apart from fighting it out in court, we will tell you so upfront. This is because we believe in being not just competent lawyers, but ultimately also prudent and sensible lawyers.


We are proficient in the following major modes of dispute resolution.



We have represented clients in lawsuits across all levels of the Singapore court. Aside from being formidable advocates, we are well-versed in the rules of litigation, which in turn allows us to be take tactical and strategic maneuvers when suing on or defending a claim in court.


We routinely litigate disputes in the following domains:

  • Defamation and harassment

  • Media-related disputes

  • Company and contractual disputes

  • Debt recovery

  • Employment issues, including advising on matters before the Employment Claims Tribunal

  • Shareholder disputes

  • Landlord and tenant disputes

  • Trust and probate disputes


International arbitration (with a focus on China-related matters)

We are familiar with the rules and workings of major arbitral institutions, and have acted in numerous high-value commercial arbitrations. More specifically, our international-arbitration capabilities are often sought after by Chinese clients facing arbitrations in Singapore because our lawyers are effectively bilingual (between English and Mandarin).  Our ability to communicate adeptly in both languages allow us to conduct the arbitral proceedings in English while updating and receiving instructions from clients in Mandarin. This obviates the need for an intermediary law firm, which makes our involvement more direct and efficient.



While mediation is less confrontational that litigation and arbitration, we’re equipped with the skills and experience that are key in helping clients secure fair and workable outcomes in mediation. These qualities include the creativity required to formulate win-win outcomes, the patience needed to deal with deadlocks and impasses, and a good listening ear for the emotions and frustration that often arise during mediation.


Some of our lawyers are accredited mediators with the Singapore Mediation Centre. We have routinely been engaged as mediators on a private basis, and have a good track record in helping disputants settle their differences through mediation.

Forward Legal Dispute Resolution

Media and Entertainment

We advise clients within the media and entertainment industry on a wide array of issues. These include matters concerning intellectual property, celebrity endorsement and engagement agreements, sponsorship agreements, talent acquisition and retention, product placements, recording rights and and agreements, and data protection/privacy matters. Our clients include advertising and marketing agencies, production houses, film companies, arts and musical groups, theatre companies, and gaming companies.
Media and Entertaiment

Medical Law

We regularly represent patients and their families in negligence claims against medical practitioners and institutions. Over the course of dealing with such matters, we have developed a functional understanding of medical terminology, clinical processes, as well common medical conditions and procedures. We are also familiar with the rules and claims process in medical litigation.


A separate aspect of our medical-law practice is in defending medical practitioners facing disciplinary proceedings by the Singapore Medical Council.

Medical Law
Corporate & Commercial

Corporate & Commercial

As seasoned litigators, we’ve seen our fair share of things that can go awry in the commercial setting. This places us in good stead to advise businesses on how to structure their dealings and transactions so that all, if not most, bases are covered.


The non-contentious corporate and commercial aspect of our practice includes the following services:

  • Advising on the incorporation and setting up of entities

  • Drafting and reviewing key business contracts and agreements

  • Advising on aspects of corporate governance such as directors’ duties and shareholders’ rights

  • Advising on key business activities and decisions such as employment, loans, marketing, advertising, licensing etc.

  • Advising and providing training on privacy and data-protection obligations


Criminal Law

We advise and represent private and corporate clients facing charges in a wide range of matters. Where private individuals are concerned, our lawyers have experience in a wide array of cases, from serious crime to traffic offences. Where companies are concerned, we act in matters under the Immigration Act, Employment Act, Manpower Act, Workplace Safety and Health Act, and the Building Control Act.

In every criminal matter we undertake, we are most concerned with ensuring a fair and just outcome for our clients. This entails keeping an open dialogue with the prosecuting authorities, making effective representations for the withdrawal, reduction or compounding of offences and timely advice on when charges ought to be vigorously defended.

Any brush with the criminal justice system is a distressing one not just for the accused, but also for their loved ones. We strive to complement timely advice and quality representation with patience and are committed to keeping the channels of communication open with our clients.

Criminal Law
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