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Associate Mediator (Singapore Mediation Centre)
Advocate & Solicitor, Singapore
Juris Doctor, Singapore Management University,
B. Soc. Sci. (Hons), National University of Singapore

Adjunct Faculty, Singapore Management University

Contact Details

DID: +65 6589 8118

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List of significant media and internet law cases that Wei Li acted in:

  1. Acted for famous Singaporean social-media personality in obtaining the first protection order under the Protection from Harassment Act against an anonymous perpetrator on a website. The protection order prevented the website from publishing or making any comments about the client,
    her family, and her business.

  2. Acted for various well-known social-media personalities in publicised defamation, harassment, and reputation-management proceedings and claims.

  3. Acted for a digital marketing and web services company in a defamation action against a competitor for untrue comments published anonymously on a leading Internet forum. Assisted the client to identify the party who made the anonymous post .

  4. Acted for numerous individuals who were the subject of threats to have their personal details, private information, or intimate photos/video circulated over the Internet. Successfully obtained protection orders, both expedited and permanent, under the Protection from Harassment Act against the perpetrators .

  5. Acted for a prominent local lawyer against harassing and untrue comments published on the client’s personal life by an anonymous perpetrator. Successfully obtained a court order prohibiting the anonymous perpetrator from making further comments or statements about the client.

  6. Acted for the daughter of a prominent Singaporean billionaire against a popular online forum owned by a major local media company in respect of various discussion threads that contain untrue allegations about the client’s involvement in a South Korean prostitution and corruption scandal. Successfully demanded that the forum remove the offending content without having to resort to court action.

  7. Acted for an interior design and renovation company in a lawsuit against a former client for untrue and defamatory claims published on various websites and renovation interest forums.

  8. Acted for a family that was wrongly subjected to the harassment of debt collectors. Successfully obtained and enforced a protection order under the Protection from Harassment Act preventing the debt collectors for approaching or contacting the family.

  9. Acted for the owner of a social-media channel in defending a defamation claim initiated by former business associates in the food and beverage business.

  10. Acted for a dating consultancy with operations across Asia in a claim against a former client for defamatory statements posted on various Internet forums. Successfully obtained pre-action discovery against a leading Internet forum requiring the forum to disclose details connected to accounts used to post anonymous comments.

  11. Acted for a food and beverage chain in relation to multiple untrue online posts impugning the business, reputation, and service quality of various brands under the chain. Traced the posts as having been made by a competitor, and successfully obtained an out-of-court compensation, apology, and undertaking to refrain from making further comments about the client.

  12. Acted for an Australian fund manager in multi-jurisdictional proceedings involving defamatory comments made against the client by anonymous posters across different websites. Successfully obtained court orders in the US compelling Internet content hosts such as Google, Yahoo, and
    Wordpress to disclose account details identifying the perpetrator.

  13. Acted for an American family in multi-jurisdictional proceedings involving defamatory and threatening statements made against the family by anonymous posters across different websites. Traced the posts as having originated in China and Taiwan, and successfully obtained court orders in Taiwan compelling a major telecommunications provider to disclose details identifying the owner of the IP addresses from which the posts were made.

  14. Acted for a South Korean media personality in investigating and tracing an anonymous individual who set up multiple online accounts to stalk the client and threaten her safety. Successfully procured the shutdown of these accounts, and using user details obtained from social-media site
    operators, successfully demanded that the perpetrator cease and desist from further stalking the client.

  15. Acted for a prominent gynaecologist in a claim against a former patient who posted untrue allegations about the client’s professionalism on various online forums and childcare interest groups. Successfully demanded that the ex-client remove the posts, compensate the client, and undertake to refrain from making further comments about the client.

  16. Advised a regional ride-sharing service provider in data protection, privacy, and payment matters. Provided counsel and conducted due diligence for the same provider in a major acquisition exercise initiated by a Chinese online giant.

  17. Advised a regional fuel and energy company on contractual, regulatory, and data protection matters relating to the company’s expansion into Singapore.

  18. Advised a local Fintech company’s on contractual, regulatory, banking, and data protection matters relating to the company’s startup in Singapore.

List of other litigation cases that Wei Li acted in:

  1. Acted for a patient against a local public hospital in a medical negligence claim for repeated misdiagnosis leading to irreversible injury.

  2. Acted for a patient against a local private hospital in a medical negligence claim involving wrongly-prescribed medication.

  3. Acted for a patient against a local public hospital in a medical negligence claim for failure to detect an early-stage cancer.

  4. Acted for doctors in multiple disciplinary proceedings brought by the Singapore Medical Council.

  5. Acted for the widow of a deceased lorry driver killed in a marine towing accident against various defendants, including a marine-services company and a transport company, in a negligence lawsuit.

  6. Acted for various individuals in claims against airlines for in-flight accidents resulting in personal injury, damage to baggage, and for monetary losses arising out of flight delays and lost/damaged baggage.

  7. Acted for various companies in claims against airlines or logistics companies for goods and cargo damaged or lost in air shipments. Defended an ex-employee of a company in a suit brought by the company for purported breaches of non-compete, non-solicitation, confidentiality, and duty of good faith obligations under the employment agreement.

  8. Acted for owners of an industrial food hub against its managing agent for refusing to deliver up records, books and accounts, and other crucial documents to the client after the managing agent’s services have been terminated.

  9. Acted for a prominent education and tuition services provider in investigations and charges brought by the Central Provident Board for purportedly failing to make employer’s CPF contributions to the client’s tutors.

  10. Acted for various homeowners of both public and private dwellings in proceedings against errant neighbours under the Protection from Harassment Act and the Community Dispute Resolution Act. Successfully obtained orders compelling errant neighbours to cease disruptive conduct or risk being evicted from their homes.

  11. Defended a prominent beauty and slimming chain in a lawsuit brought against the client for payment disputes under a construction and renovation agreement.

  12. Acted for a foreign national against his ex-wife in a highly-contentious application preventing the client’s ex-wife from relocating to another country with their child.

  13. Acted for a family in various applications for a personal protection order and other related enforcement proceedings against a psychologically abusive mother.

  14. Acted for the director of a digital marketing company in claims brought against him by an investor of the company for purported breaches of a share purchase agreement.

  15. Acted for an American expatriate against a prominent ex-politician in the recovery of rental deposits that remained owed and unpaid to the client.

  16. Defended a car retailer in a lawsuit brought by a customer for alleged defects in the car sold to the customer.

  17. Acted for homeowners and contractors in various disputes concerning payment and defects in contracts for construction, renovation, and furniture purchase services.

  18. Defended the owner of a local transport and logistics company against claims brought by his business associate for alleged breaches of a partnership agreement.

  19. Defended an online coupon and discount seller in claims brought by an ex-employee for purported non-payment of salaries and commission fees.

  20. Defended an individual against a lawsuit brought by an ex-colleague for allegedly causing injury through negligence and battery.

  21. Defended the owner of a conservation shophouse in a lawsuit brought by a former contractor for alleged non-payment of fees under an agreement for renovation and restoration services.

  22. Acted for a digital marketing agency in a lawsuit against a former employee for breaches of non-compete and non-solicitation clauses under an employment agreement.

List of corporate and advisory matters that Wei Li acted in:

  1. Advised various ground-handling and services company in the aviation sector in matters concerning their service, consultancy, and employment agreements.

  2. Draft and review shipbuilding and charter agreements for a local shipbuilding company with operations in China, Vietnam, and the Middle East.

  3. Advised a local investment holding company in relation to the removal of its directors and the convening of an EGM to procure the same.

  4. Advised a local investor in a multi-million loan investment agreements with various food and beverage companies.

  5. Advised a company in the business of owning and operating retirement homes in issues concerning shareholding, corporate governance, and employment.

  6. Advised a social-media marketing and content-creation company in its contracts with celebrities and influencers, and in issues concerning termination of such contracts owing to breaches of morality clauses.

  7. Advised a local financial-information company in its issuance of employee share options.

  8. Advised a prominent education and tuition services provider in structuring its hiring policies and practices, and in various claims against former independent contractors and employees for breaches of confidentiality and misuse of intellectual property.

  9. Advise an online property search portal in regulatory and compliance matters concerning the Council of Estate Agents.

  10. Advised a food and beverage startup in its expansion into China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan by way of franchise agreements, and in matters concerning the protection of its trade secrets and recipes.

  11. Advised a prominent local retailer in partnership, employment, and supply agreement matters concerning a major retail project sited in Orchard Road and in collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board.

  12. Draft terms and conditions and privacy policies for various Internet forums, online retail portals, and app providers.

  13. Draft employment agreement, handbooks, and policies for various companies.

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